Materials Engineers in our program have landed jobs at:

Applied Materials
Boston Scientific
3D Systems

Our MSEs landed roles such as:

  • Cell Engineering Intern

  • Process Engineer

  • Design Assurance Engineer

  • Product Creation Intern

  • Materials Avionics Engineering Intern

  • Materials Development Engineering Intern

  • Business & Technology Analyst

  • Supply Chain Engineer

  • Systems Engineer

  • Manufacturing Engineer

  • Research & Development Intern

  • Consultant

See what others have said about this program!

Sanika Subhash

Business Process Development Analyst at Accenture Federal Services

I wish I had this resource when I was in college! I think it's sometimes hard to understand where MSE fits into different industries. When you apply to jobs, it's hard to tell if your skills and background match the requirements if they don't have a role for Materials Engineers specifically. This resource provides clarity to these questions and strategies to succeed as an MSE in any industry.

Jin Lee

CTD Co-Op at Solvay Specialty Polymers

Punith has been a really good mentor for me during my time as a material science and engineering undergraduate at Georgia Tech. He gave me guidance as to what kind of content would be taught in the material science courses, how to be successful in these classes, and how these concepts would be valuable for me in academia and industry settings. He also helped me prepare for an interview at the company I currently co-op at by providing me with knowledge about the company and general interview tips. In addition, he gave me advice on what concepts and instrumentation I should know to help me succeed.

Lucillia Nkinsi

Design Assurance Engineer at Boston Scientific

During a busy application season, meeting Punith was truly a privilege. We immediately connected over a love for both materials and the world of medical devices. Punith proved to be a wealth of knowledge and was excited to explain his interview preparation tips and help me grow my network. His encouragement and commitment to uplifting fellow MSE students made me feel more confident in my abilities.

After completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to effectively market yourself as an MSE and secure interviews and offers for target internship and full-time roles

  • Become a confident networker, which will help you land interviews without applying to hundreds of job openings

  • Find the best role and industry for you and gain clarity on the positions you can apply for as an MSE

  • Create eye-catching resumes and applications that are twice as likely to grab recruiters' attention

  • Have a support system of mentors and peers who will provide connections, advice, resume feedback, and coaching to get you to where you want to be

What's Included?

  • Video Testimonials

    14 young MSE professionals, spanning different industries, share an overview of their role and responsibilities, resume tips, skills and experiences recruiters look for, interview advice, and networking strategies to help you land an offer as an MSE.

  • Industry-Specific Resumes

    We're adding 14 MSE resumes, 2 cover letters, and 3 downloadable templates to provide a blueprint for success. These resumes show how to catch a recruiter's eye in multiple industries.

  • Community and Group Coaching

    Students can connect with coaches and other students from around the world for personalized career-related advice. Weekly group coaching is also offered for resume feedback and advice on marketing yourself as an MSE.


  • $49.00

    $49.00Land Your Dream MSE Job [Tier 1]

    Includes: Lifetime access to 14 MSE testimonials with industry-specific strategies, 14 resumes, 2 cover letters, and 3 downloadable templates!
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  • $149.00

    $149.00Land Your Dream MSE Job [Tier 2]

    Includes: All resources listed in Tier 1 plus lifetime access to an online community featuring: networking and Q&A with mentors, connecting with other MSE students, additional career development resources, resume feedback, interview prep, and weekly group coaching!
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Watch Intro Video

What You Will Learn In This Course

Access MSE-specific resources you won't find anywhere else

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • How To Leverage These Career Resources to Succeed in Your Job Search

  • 2

    Engineering Pathways

    • The Journey Towards a Cell Engineering Internship at Tesla

    • Entering the Medical Device Industry: Becoming a Design Assurance Engineer at Boston Scientific

    • Pushing Boundaries: The Materials Avionics Engineering Internship Experience at SpaceX

    • The World of Semiconductors: Landing a Process Engineer Role at Applied Materials

    • What It Takes to Become a Product Creation Intern at Nike

    • Switching Industries: Securing Internships at Procter & Gamble and Boeing

    • Startups vs. Large Companies: Life as an Intern at Mainspring Energy (Renewables Startup), at NASA, and at Northrop Grumman

    • 3D Printing: The Role of a Materials Development Engineering Intern at 3D Systems

    • What Does a Gore Recruiter Look for in a Materials Engineering Candidate?

    • The Research Internship Experience at Sandia National Lab (Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies)

    • Landing a Job as an International Student: Becoming a Hardware Development Engineer at Amazon Lab126

  • 3

    Non-Engineering Pathways

    • From MSE to Law: How a Business & Technology Analyst at Accenture is Pursuing a Career in Policy and Law

    • Entrepreneurship: Advice from a Co-Founder and CEO of a Solid-State Battery Startup

    • Materials x Automotive: From Metallurgy Intern at General Motors to Consultant at Vector Scientific

  • 4

    Next Steps

    • Key Takeaways and Next Steps to Achieving Your Dream Career

Why We Created This Course

Hey, Punith here! I remember having no idea what companies hired MSEs, and more importantly, I had no idea what industry I wanted to pursue. I remember freezing the first time a recruiter asked me "What exactly is Materials Science and Engineering?" because I didn't know how to relate it to the company. Even 5 years later, switching industries as an MSE was a challenge. As a result, David and I are combining the knowledge we gained from 100+ hours of networking, alongside the valuable knowledge of 12 other MSE professionals, to create a comprehensive set of resources we wish we had throughout our MSE careers. We've seen and experienced the challenges you are facing currently, and we want to do whatever it takes to ensure MSEs like you find your passion and land your target roles.


  • Who is this course for?

    Any Materials Science and Engineering student (prospective or current) or young professional who wants to explore different career paths and equip themselves with the tools and knowledge required to capture recruiters' attention and land a job in an industry you are passionate about.

  • Who are you, and why should I listen to you?

    David Yeh and I (Punith Upadhya) are MSE graduates from Georgia Tech, with 7 combined internship and full-time experiences in 6 different industries. Through my time as President of Material Advantage at Georgia Tech and our time creating It's a Material World Podcast episodes, we have connected with students, industry professionals, and recruiters from around the world, and we have helped dozens of students find their ideal fit and land their desired job. You don't have to listen to us, but we just want to share our knowledge and resources to make career advancement easier for all MSEs.

  • Is this course worth $149?

    We spent 100+ hours networking and compiling the best resources for MSEs, so you don't have to. We designed this course to be actionable. You'll get immediate access to videos, resumes, cover letters, and mentorship that you can take advantage of every day and revisit as often as you'd like. With the click of a button, you can explore different career paths to discover the role and industry you're most passionate about, and our mentors can provide personalized resume feedback, interview tips, coaching, and networking connections to help you capture recruiters' attention and land your dream offer.

  • Will this course still be helpful if I'm looking for jobs outside of the US?

    Yes! While the companies may differ, the job strategies, resumes, and networking advice still apply. Ultimately, our course aims to provide industry-specific resources that translate to companies and MSE jobs worldwide, not just within the United States.